What makes Truman tick?

-spoiler alert-

In the fictional history of the world of the Truman Show, Truman Burbank was the first person to be owned by a Media Corporate House. His struggle against the onslaught of control and domination by his captors who profited off of broadcasting his life as reality television, his realisation of the true nature of his own existence — of the crookedness of the world he grew up in, his curiosity, resolve and pure grit to find a life of his own — even if it meant leaving behind everything he knew to be true, even if it meant dying — is what, in my opinion, makes Truman Burbank a guiding light at the end of a long and dark tunnel.

However, we do not know what happens to his legal identity and existence after he leaves the set, the island of Seahaven. Sylvia and her support group probably rallies to fight for him. It also probably does not hurt that his show had the highest ratings in that world. I mean, who doesn’t know Truman?

Christoff’s God Complex, on the other hand, requires a spin off to dive deep into. There seems to be a juicy story there. The way I see it, the way Truman is — how else could it have ended? Only an egomaniac in denial would believe that he would not step out that door when all that he knew was a lie.


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